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Digital Experience Blog | How AI is Making it Easier for Marketers to Create Videos

Tool interessante per la creazione di video.

It’s easier to create high-quality video content more efficiently, all with the help of Adobe Sensei.

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Why to locate your business in Ticino, Switzerland 

Ticino is a small innovation hub, located in the middle of Europe: discover how you can develop your business internationally.

Innovation and technology

Thanks to the presence of internationally renowned research institutes, Ticino has a vibrant ecosystem that supports innovation and facilitates the R&D endeavours of the local companies.

Third Financial Centre in Switzerland

Ticino has a long tradition in asset management and private banking.

Nature and relax

Thanks to its mild climate and the Latin attitude, Ticino is the ideal oasis to escape the work-related stress. The beautiful lake shores, the mountains and the glaciers offer countless outdoor activities.

Culture and entertainment

Numerous artistic and recreational initiatives enliven Ticino all year-round making the Canton a cultural melting pot between northern and southern Europe.

Mild taxation

Ticino is an attractive business location especially thanks to a mild taxation on companies revenue, on equities and on millionaire revenues.

Qualified labour market

Thanks to a simple regulation of the labour market, to a light bureaucracy, a dual education system and to the typical Swiss peaceful work environment, Ticino offers a varied and qualified labour pool.

Excellent education

Ticino has an excellent and experienced education system that includes universities, high schools and professional schools. This young and international environment attracts talents from all over the world.

Swiss quality and Internationalization

The high reputation of the “Swiss made” brand in international markets often allows to benefit from premiums on prices thanks to its quality, precision and reliability. The “Swissness” represents a remarkable competitive advantage in goods and high-end services.

Central location

Ticino is the only Canton entirely located in the southern part of the Alps, and it strategically stands between two of the most dynamic regions in Europe: Lombardy with Milan at its centre, and Zurich.


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Big data. Come stanno cambiando il nostro mondo

Un’invisibile nuvola ci avvolge. Sono i dati e le informazioni che scambiamo online, un flusso continuo che qualcuno raccoglie, elabora e scambia. È vero che grazie ai big data accediamo a servizi sempre più ritagliati sulle nostre necessità, ma ogni nostra mossa, ogni acquisto, ogni comunicazione, ogni nostro momento pubblico e privato è osservato. Di ciascuno di noi esiste da qualche parte nell’etere un profilo. Utile a chi vuole influenzare le nostre scelte, di consumo ma anche politico-elettorali. E magari a chi vorrà approfittare delle nostre debolezze e dei nostri segreti.

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