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Today Veco Digital SA was @ to learn and to speak with blockchain experts and to initiate collaborations.

Here some photos and themes

Some discussion reports of the Conference

Here we are Geneva Blockchain Connection conference! The motto this year is: From Lab to Market through Ethics, Regulation and Governance Thank you Philippe Lucet ! hashtag#digitalizzazionehashtag#vecodigitalhashtag#blockchainVECO GROUP

GBC20 – Event: How to draft the Governance of Blockchain Applications? – Monday, January 20 09:00 to 09:20 – Roundtable

Bertrand PEREZ (managing director Libra association) now speaking abot hashtag#Libra at Geneva Blockchain Connection congress. hashtag#Libra: the era of stablecoins A compelling need to reduce operating cost for cross border payments Financial systems are build with 50 old technologies hashtag#Libra vision: enable a simple global payments system and financial Infrastructure that empowers billions of people Why hashtag#Libra? – not changing value every 20 seconds – better performance, security and scalability

Why is Switzerland’s regulatory Framework attractive? Olivier DepierreJacques IfflandAndreas GlarnerHubert de Vauplane

This afternoon full immersion in “Illicit-Trade & Counterfeiting impact in the consumer goods industry”. – 509 Billions dollars hashtag#counterfeiting in 2019 – Governments and private companies should work together We need to be trained to understand the power of hashtag#blockchain.


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