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How to brainstorm remotely

One of the questions we get the most about remote work is: how do you brainstorm when you’re not in front of a whiteboard—or at least all together in one room?

With the help of some friends, our CEO, Wade, offers a few solutions. The bottom line? As long as you have your brain, you can brainstorm.

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The future of work requires a return to apprenticeship

One of the major concerns of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that artificial intelligence and automation – robots – will eliminate jobs, both blue-collar and white-collar roles across a variety of sectors.

While C-3PO and WALL-E might be good at processing algorithms, they can never replace living, breathing, thinking humans entirely in the workplace. From the auto factory producing a fine-tuned machine where safety and functionality are of utmost importance, to the commodities trading floor where high-value transactions must take into account complex, rapidly changing geopolitical movements, businesses of all kinds still require human intelligence.

And these humans must have bespoke skills and sharp problem-solving and decision-making abilities to fulfill these jobs – jobs that will remain lucrative and dependable, regardless of what robots come along.

The real challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution isn’t the robots – it’s that we aren’t properly training and reskilling humans for available jobs.

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Nuova sfida professionale – Alessandro Marrarosa


Dopo dodici anni di eccellente collaborazione con PostFinance SA ho deciso di intraprendere una nuova sfida professionale nel settore informatico presso una rinomata azienda Ticinese.


Da settembre 2018 inizia la mia nuova avventura presso Progel SA nel ruolo di Direttore Commerciale Svizzera.

Progel SA è attiva nello sviluppo e commercializzazione di Planet TS, il software che completa il business! Scopri di più!

Ecco i miei nuovi dati di contatto:

Alessandro Marrarosa
Direttore Commerciale Svizzera

Progel SA
Via Cantonale 35a
6928 Manno (Svizzera)

Telefono: +4191 612 49 90

Da oggi a fine agosto sarò dedicato alla mia famiglia!